I FEEL YOUR PAIN! (Lords Prayer 32)

How do you respond when some says to you, “I feel your pain”?  I know it’s comforting to hear their empathy, and they mean well.  Perhaps our pain does even touch them to some extent, but no one on earth can really feel the pain we feel.  What about when someone says, “I know how you feel”?  That may or may not be true, depending on what they have gone through in the past.  But its only if they have experienced the same thing to the same degree can they say they know how we feel.  While that is nice to hear for its sympathy value, it doesn’t really lesson our pain.  It is nice to know we aren’t alone, but in many ways we still are. Then along comes Jesus who says, “I know how you feel,” and “I feel your pain.”  With Jesus that is entirely true!  Hebrews … Continue reading