Is it ever OK to lie?  Is deception ever approved by God?  Before you answer these questions, remember the story of Rahab and you might answer differently.  Rahab hid the 2 Israelite spies in her Jericho home.  She became a believer and committed herself to God and His people.  When her townsmen looked for the spies, she lied about where they were and hid them.  Then she helped them safely escape.  And God repeatedly uses her as an example of faith (Heb 11:31, James 2:25).  Is God approving of lying?  Doe He believe that the end justifies the means?   First, remember that Rahab was caught in the middle of a war.  It was a war between God (Israel) and Satan (Canaanite nations).  Rahab switched sides and joined God’s side, thus becoming a traitor to her home town and people.  She had a new loyalty to God and His people, … Continue reading