Suppose your prayers were recorded and analyzed.  What patterns might be found?  Would balance be found in your prayers between worship/praise, intercession for others and intersession for self?  Or would there be a disproportionate amount of time spent in one area?  In the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6) we see perfect balance .  In fact, as we analyze it we see an important priority given to praying about God’s concerns before praying for our own.  There is nothing wrong in praying for our own needs, but this pray shows us the importance of praying for God’s needs first. The first half of the prayer (Matthew 6:9-10) is talking to the Father about the Father and His concerns.  The pronouns all point toward God: “Your” three times.  Your name be made holy.  Your Kingdom come.  Your will be done.  It’s all about God and His desires, putting Him and His plan first. … Continue reading