The Jews have just miraculously crossed the Jordan River because God separated the waters and dried up the ground.  Jericho awaits nearby.  Spies from Jericho have seen what happened to the Jordan and the people are scared to death.  The Jews are strong in their faith having just seen what God has done.  So now would be the perfect time to follow up their advantage and strike Jericho – right?  Wrong!   God just doesn’t do things the way we would expect.  Joshua 5 is no different.  What God does weakens and incapacitates all the Jewish men for several days, making they totally vulnerable for a week or more.    Instead of attacking Jericho God has the Jewish men be circumcised. And that is no simple, easy matter for grown men!  Why would God do this?  Because He demands 100% obedience and commitment from His people in order for them to … Continue reading