JEHJOVAH TSIDKENU The Lord is Our Righteousness (Names of God 14)

The Jews were to be God’s special people, but time after time they failed Him and lived in sin.  Eventually God let the northern kingdom, Israel, go into captivity.  The southern kingdom, Judah, followed not long after for they, too, turned from God’s perfection and instead followed the pagan nations around them in their immoral and idolatrous worship.  Finally God said He would judge them as well (2 Kings 23:26-27).  Because He is righteous He cannot allow sin in His presence.  However He had promised numerous times that He would establish David’s kingdom and throne forever (2 samuel 7:16-17; I Kings 2:4).  How could He judge sin yet keep this promise?  The only way would be to have a time when the Jews returned to the land in righteousness and He again lived among them and ruled over them.  Jeremiah taught about such a time.  He lived during the fall … Continue reading