Can you imagine having your worst sin recorded into the Bible for all to read, and not just once but for times?  Suppose it actually became part of your name?  That’s what happened to Rahab, “Rahab the prostitute” is what she is called over and over again.  Prostitution in Old Testament times was not considered a victimless crime and was punishable by death.  Yet here she is, “Rahab the prostitute.”   Obviously God choose and uses unlikely people.  He used a young, ruddy, inexperienced boy named David to kill the giant goliath.  He used a shepherd and fig tree keeper called Amos to speak to kings.  He used an impetuous, uneducated fisherman named Peter to start the church.  So if He uses a pagan prostitute to save the lives of Joshua’s 2 spies, who are we to complain?  She was unlikely a candidate as David or Amos or Peter.  She … Continue reading