Joseph and Victory Over Sexual Sin 2

(The story of King David and his victory over sexual sin is continued from the previous blog.) WHY DID JOSEPH RUN?  Why would Joseph resist?  If she was willing and he was naturally curious, and no one would find out — why not?  That’s the way it is seen today.  If no one gets hurt, so what?  No doubt her husband knew of her ways and chose to overlook them and pretend the gossip he heard wasn’t true.  If it wasn’t Joseph it would be someone else.  Joseph’s resistance had nothing to do with his loyalty for his master.  He had a great loyalty to consider: his loyalty to God (Genesis 39:9).  He considered this a “great evil” and “sin against God.”  Each man must choose his own moral standards.  What we are when no one is looking is what we really are.  No one was looking at Joseph, no … Continue reading