WHATS IN A NAME (Lords Prayer 13)

We talked about what “hallowed” in the Lord’s Prayer means: “holy, sacred, honored.”  “Holy be Your Name” therefore means “May Your Name be special, sacred, holy, honored.”  That we can now understand.  But why does Jesus say it is God’s NAME that is to be held in special respect?  What is there about a name we are to revere? First, we must understand that our names identify us.  They mean something.  They communicate history, tradition and values.  Names are more than a designation, like a serial number.  In Bible times a person’s name stood for he himself, his character, what he was like.  Abram’s name was changed to signify God’s new plan for His life.  “Peter” means “Rock,” a reference to Peter’s rock-like faith.  In Bible times when you used someone’s name you weren’t just identifying him, you were identifying his character. So what thoughts pop into your mind when … Continue reading