Standing on the Promises 5

Caleb is one of my favorite unsung heroes in the Bible.  He doesn’t get much attention in the Bible and his name isn’t even popular today.  How many boys do you know with the name Caleb?  Yet he is a remarkable special man.  This blog continues a series in which he tells his story.\ At 85 years of age I tackled the area with the giants, that which had kept the whole nation out for 38 years.  God didn’t miraculously remove them, although He could have.  He wanted me to fight them, in His strength, and see Him remove them that way. The word used to describe the inhabitants I had to battle, Anakite, is correctly translated ‘giant.’  However it refers not just to someone physically large but to someone also large in evil and violence.  Egyptian monuments picture them as tall and fat.  Og, who lived east of Jordan, … Continue reading