Angel of the Lord (Names of Jesus)

            As He was waling on the road to Emmaus on the day He resurrected, Jesus came upon 2 disciples who were sad and confused over their Messiah’s death.  While walking with them He went back through the Old Testament and explained to them all the things it had to say about Him (Luke 24:13-35).  That night back in Jerusalem He gave this same talk to all His disciples gathered in the upper room (Luke 24:45).  What a lesson that must have been!             Too often we relegate Jesus to the New Testament miss all the Old Testament has to say about Him.  There are hundreds of prophecies (456 the rabbi’s say) and many, many types as well.  These are pictures of Him, like Joshua being a picture of Jesus as deliver, Melchizedek a picture of Jesus as eternal king and priest in one, Joseph a picture of one rejected … Continue reading