THE GOD WHO SEES (Names of God 5)

The Bible is full of obscure but interesting people.  One was a woman names Hagar. She may be unknown to most of us but she wasn’t to God.  Abraham acquired Hagar as a slave when he was in Egypt and she served his wife, Sarah.  When Sarah couldn’t conceive she suggested Abraham follow a custom of the times and have a child by her servant Hagar for the child would legally be Sarah’s anyway.  The whole story is recorded in genesis 16:1-16. When Hagar got pregnant she became very unsubmissive to Sarah, even haughty and rude.  While there is not excuse for that behavior, we still have to feel sorry for a woman who had no rights, no property and no future.  She didn’t even own her own body but was just used to produce a baby for another.  Anyway, Abraham told Sarah she could do anything she wanted to … Continue reading