Understanding Male Sexuality

Suppose you were traveling in another country and walking around some evening.  As you walked you came to a building where people were lined up to enter so you got in line.  They seemed excited as they seated themselves facing a stage.  Everyone applauded and cheered as a man walked out with a large tray covered with a towel.  Wild music started to play and lights flashed on and off.  Slowly the man would lift one corner of the towel and then another, allowing the audience to catch a glimpse of what was under it.  The people cheered louder and louder.  Suddenly the towel was totally removed and everyone went wild as the lights dimmed.  What you saw before all went dark was a nice, fresh pork shop!  What would you think?  Was their something wrong with their appetite?  Suppose as you left you noticed a magazine stand with pictures … Continue reading