John Newton and Victory Over Sexual Sin 1

John Newton was a tremendous man of God, greatly used by Him to spread His message of grace and salvation.  John’s life wasn’t always that way, though.  He himself is a prime example of God’s grace.  He’s best known for writing the hymn “Amazing Grace.”  John, however, had much trouble with sexual temptation and sin.  It was only by God’s grace that he was delivered.  That grace is available for us today, too. JOHN’S EARLY LIFE   John was born July 24, 1725, in London, England.  He had a godly mother who taught him the Bible and prayed for him.  In fact, she wanted him to be trained as a preacher, but she was sickly and died when he was 7.  His father was away a lot for he was a sea captain.  He remarried and started taking John to sea with him when John was 11.  John quickly fell into … Continue reading