The Lord’s Prayer was used often in my childhood: church, home, even in school at the start of each day.  Everyone knew it.  However we all knew to look out for one tricky spot, one place where you could get tripped up if you weren’t careful.  That was when we would say, “forgive us our _______ as we forgive _________ .”  The group could go one of two ways at that point: “debts” or “trespasses.”  I had to listen to the leader and take my cue there.  Usually I just got quiet at that part and when those rough waters were navigated I would jump back in with “and lead us not into temptation….”  I never understood why there were two different words used there, nor why everyone couldn’t just agree to say the same thing.  I chalked it up to one of those strange things in human behavior, like … Continue reading